Pablo’s Legacy


Pablo’s Legacy is a bourbon varietal grown on La Finca San Pablo and is also known as “cream de la creme” of coffee. If you really want to pamper your taste buds with unique coffee aromas and flavors Pablo’s Legacy should be at the top of your list. These coffee beans are from a limited lot, that less than 0.1% of coffee drinkers will ever have a chance to experience. Here is your chance to make it to that 0.1%. If you are looking for a freshly roasted coffee online, but also swear by quality – this is the perfect product for you.

Origin: Marcala, Honduras
Altitude: 1550 m
Process: Natural
Certification: 100% Organic
Notes: Strawberry and Dark Chocolate



Are you looking for freshly roasted coffee online? You found it. But let me give you a bit of a background on this product. Monte’s pride in continuing the family tradition is evident in the quality of the beans of Finca San Pablo.  His patch is located in the town of El Pastel, in western Honduras. Founded by Pablo Melghem in 1915, for over a century Finca San Pablo has kept excellent growing, harvesting, and processing techniques as established by it’s founder.

Since it’s humble beginnings, this micro-lot organic farm has been managed by the direct descendants of the founder, Rolando Melghem, father, and  now Montgomery Melghem, grandson, as the third generation of a family dedicated to the craft of producing exquisite award winning coffee.

In this limited numbered release, less than .01% of the worlds coffee drinkers will have the opportunity to experience this exquisitely produced sole sourced coffee. This freshly roasted coffee online is easily accessible and delivered straight to your door.


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