Oscar’s Bicycle


Don Oscar and his family put a lot of love, dedication and determination into their coffee production, which results in award wining coffee year after year. They take pride from it’s quality and are more than excited to share it with our buyers. If you are looking for an exclusive coffee experience while supporting a hard working organic farmer, Oscar’s Bicycle is the way to go.

Origin: Marcala, Honduras
Altitude: 1550 m
Process: Washed
Certification: 100% Organic
Notes: Tropical fruit and caramel with bright acidity



Don Oscar started growing coffee on his farm in 1997, right after he finished his military service. With an initial planting of 1500 trees and through meticulous attention to detail, the farm produced high yields of coffee. His farm name originated from the form of thought comparing life to a bicycle ride: “Through the good and the bad times you have to keep pedaling, never stopping, never looking back”.

With a 100% Organic process from start to finish, he ensures his harvest levels are higher than ever. His constant innovations lead to the production of one of the finest and most complex coffees not only in the region, but in all of Honduras. Best organic light roast beans you will have a chance to experience.


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