Flower Paradise


Flower Paradise comes from a very small farm in Honduran highlands, making it extremely limited and rare. But that’s not the only thing that makes it unique – this coffee is “honey processed”, meaning the coffee is dried with parts of cherry mucilage still attached to it, leaving the final product on the sweeter side. We guarantee Flower Paradise will make you look forward to the next morning and keep you coming back for more. All our coffees are also vegan coffee drinker friendly, since they are produce of 100% organic practices and sustainable farming, that doesn’t harm animals or their eco system.

Origin: Marcala, Honduras
Altitude: 1450 m
Process: Honey Process
Certification: 100% Organic
Notes: Strawberry and Blueberry



Finca Las Flores, owned by Gerardo Peñalba was founded 15 years ago and started as a very small farm, working on around half a hectare of land. He managed to grew his coffee business  through reinvestment of his profit, dedication, good agriculture practices and of course hard work. Flower Paradise is different from our other products because it’s “honey processed”, meaning the coffee is dried with cherry mucilage remaining on the parchment that encases the bean. Since the mucilage of the coffee cherry is sticky and slimy, it is sometimes called “honey” and this process is referred to as the “honey process”.

This selection’s variety is Catuai, grown around 1450 meters above sea level and it gets a light (city) roast level, meaning the coffee is dropped to start cooling shortly after it’s first crack. It’s a must have if you are looking for vegan coffee (ethically and ecologically sourced), that tastes amazing and supports grassroots organizations, that take the charity game on a completely new level.


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