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Empowered Story: Coffee For Cheyli

Children Non Profit Transforming Lives

Community Health Partnership Honduras is one of the children non profit charities we partnered with to give back to the community. Honduras is a country with a high violence and poverty rate, where people often can’t access basic medical care, education and in some cases even food/clean water.

This is where non profit children organizations like Community Health Partnership Honduras step in and offer a helping hand to the ones in desperate need of medical attention.

The story we will be sharing with you today is one of a young girl that went from a life of limitations to living to her full potential.

Empowering Children Charities Through Coffee

11- year old Chayli was born with club foot and spina bifida, which is a birth defect that occurs when spine and spinal cord are only partially formed. It’s a combinations of genetic and environmental factors (mostly mother’s poor diet during pregnancy).

When Community Health Partnership Honduras met her, she was a 9 year old girl that moved around by scooching her tiny frame across the floor with the help of her hands.

Due to her condition she was unable to ever wear shoes, walk or attend school. Parents could barely provide for the family, so surgery was out of the question.

Thanks to the amazing people of CHP-Honduras,  local community and medical specialists in Tegucigalpa, she was able to have her clubfoot surgically treated. And things were really looking up for Chayli. 

Charity | Honduras | Little GIrl
Charity | Honduras | Little GIrl

Obstacles Along The Way..

The immense joy when Community Health Partnership Honduras provided her with her pair of shoes was indescribable. They also arranged follow up visits and founded a private tutor that work with her at home.

Unfortunately a year after surgery , Cheyli’s progress had come to a standstill and she grew depressed. Her family did not have the resources to help her rehabilitate at home, and Cheyli was still not able to walk. She resorted back to using her hands to move across the floor, and her dreams of attending school were growing more and more distant.

After an honest conversation with her family, they agreed that Cheyli needed a level of medical care that they will never be able to provide for her. 

Happy Ending

CHP-Honduras arranged for Cheyli to move to the Los Pequenos Hermanos orphanage, which provides full medical and educational support. Receiving  physical therapy and regular exercises finally lead to what they all hoped for – Cheyli started walking for the first time in her life. This once depressed little girl was transformed into a smiling, thriving child who regularly attends school and has many friends. While the orphanage is hours away from her home, her family visits her often, and she goes home to visit them multiples times a year. 

Charity | Honduras | Little GIrl

You Can Make a Difference

Cheyli’s story is one of thousands of success stories from this children non profit.

For over 18 years, CHP-Honduras has provided thousands of indigenous children in Honduras with access to quality medical care, including dental care, physical therapy, ophthalmology, dermatology, hospice care, prenatal health care and proper nutrition.



With each bag of coffee that you purchase, you will help this children non profit brighten the future of a child like Cheyli, in rural Honduras. One purchase = One brighter future. Empowered Cup is proud to partner with CHP-Honduras, to help make this change possible.
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