The Mission

This is truly where the story of our brand began. Initially we wanted to answer the very simple question of “who exactly produces these gourmet coffee beans?” and “do they know how much I love these it?”. I got the answer to my question in Honduras.  And lets just say that it wasn’t very long before the stories of the people and their lives overshadowed the coffee itself.

You see not only do we source 85 point (as a minimum standard) and up coffee, from individual farmers. But we made up our mind right then and there to dedicate the success of this brand toward the clear mission of giving back to the communities that we source from.

From this brand mission, Empowered Cup Coffee was born.  We are  very happy to share with you the causes (non profits) that we donate a sizable portion of our profits to.

Our donations from a single coffee bag convert directly to 1 day living wage for the regions of Honduras that we source our coffee from.  These direct donations are made in effort to further grassroots medical care and education initiatives that provide clear communications and updates from the ground. If I can’t help in person, I’ll help through this platform just by choosing their gourmet coffee beans. And we hope you do.

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James Harrison • Co Founder

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Empowering You

We promise you complete transparency from the start to finish and invite you to meet specific individuals who provide every bean in each specific bag. They take pride from the quality of their coffee and can’t wait to share it with you.

Empowering the Farmer

We form bonds with our farmers and trade with them directly. Buying directly enables us to more competitive rates to ensure that we get the best lots for our customers, which ensures that our farmer partners can create more jobs for their communities.

Empowering The Youth

With each purchase of our gourmet coffee beans, you donate the equivalent of 1 days wage toward grassroots youth and health organizations that offer educational opportunities as well as medical assistance for Honduran people. Drink coffee and change lives.

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